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About Us

Welcome to
Hair First Barbershop

Hair First Barbershop is a full-service hair salon located conveniently in Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. We offer a wide array of hair care services including Haircuts, Beard Trims & Shaves, and Waxing. Our entire range of services guarantees that we have the skills and experience necessary for your beauty needs.

Our philosophy at Hair First Barbershop is to create an experience where busy adults can step away from the demands of life, and put their trust in our very skilled designers and leave feeling as we’ve really made a difference in your appearance. While your service is being performed we strive to make your experience enjoyable and leave feeling pampered.

Outstanding service is so important to us and we feel that one unhappy client means many lost referrals so we strive day in and day out to provide the best service possible for any client that spends time at Hair First Barbershop. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and have great results when you leave.

Our friendly and eager team will be more than willing to help you book an appointment, so we look forward to hearing from you.